25 boys and girls took part in a graffiti masterclass given by Spanish artist Pablo Pelluz on the 28th of August and decorated one of the walls of school №4 with bright mosaic.

The idea to arrange a graffiti class was discussed by Satka Street Art Fest organizers with Pablo in advance. He made the draft in Satka after the mural on the façade of school sports hall was ready. The same school was chosen as the canvas for graffiti masterclass.

It is worth mentioning that young artists worked with enthusiasm and knowledge, even though some of them had never used spray paint before. They tried their best to colour the triangles marked by Pablo with a scotch tape. As soon as the artist called out a new colour, its owner got down to work. When the paint bottles were empty, the kids raced towards the boxes to find the needed colours and get back to their paintings. 

Half an hour later the grey wall looked totally different. Some children used the remaining spray paint to colour the asphalt and leave their handprints.  

“The days spent in Satka made me fall in love with this city. I’m happy that I’ve had an opportunity to work and give a masterclass here. It’s a great experience”, says Pablo. “Children are our future. I’m sure that we should involve them in art as much as possible. The inscription above our painting reads: Art inspires people, and people inspire art”. 

“I’m very much pleased with the results. All the participants worked hard. The painting is great! To tell the truth, I thought I would have to take part in it too. But there were so many kids present that they managed to do it themselves. I’m very happy about that”.

Pablo’s assistants were satisfied with the results too.

“I don’t go to art school and have never taken part in such events before. But when I learned about this masterclass, I decided to come here”, says Ivan Ovcharuk. “I loved working with Pablo. I don’t speak any foreign languages, but we understood each other perfectly. I think that art erases any borders of this kind. I got an excellent experience today. In the future, I will be happy to make Satka brighter together with other enthusiasts”.  

At the end of the workshop Pablo answered all questions, autographed the cards with his Satka work and asked kids to autograph a card for him. After that all the participants had their photo taken with the newly created painting in the background.

“Thank you very much for your work! I hope you will not lose interest in it and continue cultivating art”, said Pablo to all kids at parting.

Kseniya Maksimova. Photos by Kseniya Maksimova.