The paint smell is still well perceptible in school № 4 in Satka. Spanish artist Pablo Pelluz who took part in the second international Satka Street Art Fest has just finished his graffiti painting on the façade of the sports hall. 

“I sometimes think that I did not have any choice other than being an artist. My father Pako is a professional artist, my mother Rakel is a designer. My paternal grandfather Francisco is a popular Spanish artist too. He has the UNESCO awards. I’m now doing my postgraduate studies and writing a thesis about him”.

Three birds with red-and-white labyrinth in the background are looking from the walls.

“My painting is a metaphor. These birds do not fly. I use them to show the human society. People are sometimes deprived of freedom and cannot live the way they want. They do not always have an opportunity to make their dreams come true. And the outer beauty does not guarantee success and happiness”.

After eight days of work, Satka streets got the new meaning.

“My painting reminds of the fragile beauty of the world around us. These birds – bee eater, chaffinch and linnet – are listed in the Red Book. I urge people to think about it and take greater care of nature. I try to picture animals, birds and insects that are on the verge of extinction and I remind about them once again”.

Pablo Pelluz was born in 1988. He is the Bachelor of Fine Arts faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid. In 2014 he got master’s degree in Arts (UCM). Pablo now lives and works in Madrid.  

“My works in most cases are the realistic portraiture of everyday details that usually stay unnoticed by other people. I’m searching for the beauty of something grotesque, dirty, rusty – the elements that survived the time and are now of special interest. And I interpret this on various surfaces in the cities of the world. 

Experiments with surfaces and textures go beyond the paint and brush. Apart from murals, Pablo creates sculptures, paintings, wooded and paper art objects.

Ksenia Maximova. Photo by Aleksandr Andrievich, Sergey Poteriaev, Vasiliy Maximov, the organizers.