Artists, architects and urban specialists have once again joined efforts with local citizens to change the city for the better. 

The program comprises the second stage of Satka Street Art Fest, masterclasses and art lectures, public talks with architects and urbanists about the future city development, as well as seminars, film shows and exhibitions. The events included in the main program will take place in August and September. 

“Street Mosaic School” by Moscow-based artists – Maria Volkhonskaya, Maria Laricheva and Aleksandra Spiridonova – invites the audience to see the beauty of monumental art. School visitors will learn a lot of new things about mosaic: when it first appeared, what it was associated with and what materials were used, what techniques were popular in different periods, what minerals are now widespread in the Southern Urals and how the historical decorations are used nowadays. In addition to that, they will have an opportunity to take part in creation of mosaic pictures that will later be used to decorate the city.    

Within the scope of the festival it is also planned to design and introduce the “new meaning platform” – art space in the former fabric building used for truck repair. Satka citizens will be directly participating in the discussion of future prospects and develop the concept of such an important entertainment and education centre.  

The second stage of Satka Street Art Fest will take place in August. Artists from Spain and Netherlands will cover the main city street with graffiti. Spanish artist Pablo Pelluz will paint a mural on the façade of sports hall of school №4. The Dutch artist known as ZEDZ will draw geometric pictures on the transformer stations. 

In September Satka will be visited by Alexey Luka and Hendrik Baikirh – the people who have already made a monumental contribution to city transformation. The street artists will arrange masterclasses and show how to use paints to change the environment and discover new dimensions of the surrounding world. In addition to that, Alexey is planning to create one more art object in Satka. In doing that, he will use some parts of the old city images and put new life into them.   

Switzerland is a beautiful country that is sometimes associated with Satka. From now on, it will be always remembered for the outstanding music and culture events along with its completed architectural form. “Swiss District” is a unique place in the city. In 2016 volunteers and representatives of March Lab architectural bureau put a wooden wave-like bench here, and in 2017 Swiss designers Andrien Rovero and Cristoff Fuad together with city residents installed the gigantic fire brick vases with trees now growing in them. In the middle of September this place will be complemented with "Two Spirits" project created by Swiss artist Florian Graf – 12 sculptures made from fire-resistant concrete will take their place near the pond.  

Apart from the aforementioned events, September will be marked with masterclasses given by artists from Satka and Moscow, film shows, musical evenings and public talks with famous designers, architects and art experts about future city development, including the potential and important placemaking. Participation in My Satka events will help to form a top-to-bottom insight in urban environment, discover the hidden potential of different places and their future capacity as city centres.