• Satka will Host Final Matches of Russian Championships


The Russian Chess Federation and Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charity Foundation announce results of the contest for the right host Final Matches of Russian Chess Championships for Men and Women. The competitions will be held in the end of August and beginning of September 2018 as part of Chess in Museum programme.

The winner of the contest is Satka (the Chelyabinsk Region). The competition will be held in Magnezit Cultural Center. Satka boasts rich chess history: this Ural town holds different competitions for children and adults, while Boris Spassky Grandmaster School has been working for many years. 

During the Final Matches, Magnezit Cultural Center will offer the exhibition of the Soviet and Russian artist, a representative of the “austere style”, Geliy Korzhev (1925 – 2012). The Unknown Korzhev  exposition will include the sketches, schizzos and graphics from the family archive of the artist he performed while working at the key painting of the military, historical, Bible and other series during 1953 – 2012. 

Geliy Korzhev is known for his monumental paintings. However few people are aware of the preliminary state preceding creation of his works. He had been working on paintings for several years producing a great number of sketches, schizzos and drafts, in which the artist was trying to find and sometimes intuitively feel the composition solution, color combination and the most persuasive way to express the main idea. All this unique preparatory content has never been demonstrated in public and is of interest for both professional artists and people focused on the insight in the deep mechanisms of the creative process of the artist.

Chess in Museums international programme deployed by the Russian Chess Federation jointly with Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charity Foundation since 2012 expressly manifests interconnections of chess, culture, history, sport and art. The national championship held as part of Chess in Museums project is broadly highlighted in mass media, draws attention to the cultural heritage of the region and therefore – the growing interest of the audience and involving people in chess and art.  

Final Matches of Russian Chess Championships as part of the programme have been held since 2013, when the tournament was hosted by Rukavishnikovy memorial estate in Nizhny Novgorod. In 2014, the Final Matches  were held in the Kazan Kremlin, in Khazine national art gallery; in  2016 they were hosted by the Novosibisrk State Local Lore Museum; in 2017 – by the State Museum of Political history of Russia (Saint Petersburg).

The day of social programme is a traditional part of the Final Matches of Russian Chess Championships: famous chess masters play a simul against young players and chess veterans. Chess amateurs can meet famous chess players in an informal environment, have a try during the chess match, and possibly have a victory to remember.