• Uralo Kuzbass. Lukia Murina


May 11, Uralo Kuzbass exhibition of Lukia Murina is opened in Magnezit Museum as part of Satka – Crossroad programme.

The project name – Uralo Kuzbass – is a kind of allusion to the high-scale and not implemented economic project of joining the Siberian coal and Ural steel (Ural Kuzbass Factory) and the exhibition of 1936, the venue that gathered over one hundred artists all over the country that depicted Ural enterprises. Today, Uralo Kuzbass for me is a fusion of art and industry, that is, it is a purely art project. This is a place, where two industrial regions meet each other in one graphic project, when  distinctive identity of architectural scopes, rhythms and colors gives rise to a new language. 

Kuzbass is continuous inspiration for me, it is factories and facilities I have seen with my own eyes. The beginning of my creativity is connected with panorama of Kuzbass factories. In Kemerovo, I had my first industrial plein-air, where I created schizzos and sketches of my future works. Ural is the future, a new experience of directly interacting with the industrial context. 

Surprisingly, but once you have seen the factory within arm reach, you start understanding and feeling it. And even looking at other photos of factories where you have never been, you can freely work with this content bringing creative ideas to life. 

While working on the project I used my own plein-air sketches for Kuzbass paintings, and photos of Sergey Dmitriev, the industrial photographer for the Ural works. For me, the meeting with the industry of Ural was as natural as if I had seen everything with my own eyes, but it did not destroy my interest to visit Ural production facilities.

In this project, I went away from the intent to deliver the factories in the naturalistic manner I used to adhere to earlier. Today, working with the industrial theme for me is a free transformation of facilities, it is assembling, and sometimes fragmenting the composition, migration from real enterprises to abstract forms”.

By Lukia Murina

Photos - Anna Philippova


Lukia Murina was born April 7, 1987 in Podgornoye village of the Tomsk Region.

In 2007, she graduated the Shishkov’s Tomsk Regional College of Culture and Art with major I Painting. In 2013, she graduated the Altai State University  with major in Art Studies.

Since 2015, she has been a member of the Union of Russian Artists. 

In 2015 and 2016, together with Nikolay Isaev, she had solo exhibitions in Tomsk  and  Novosibirsk. 

Drawing artist. Fine art expert. Author of criticism publications and lectures on modern art of Siberia. The exhibition project coordinator. Co-author of Burn Impossible to Store initiative. 

She lives and works in Tomsk.

Her works can be found in collection of the Tomsk Regional Fine Art Museum and private collections of Russia.