The binary historical memory exhibition will open today at 16:00 in the exhibition hall of Magnezit Museum in Satka.


The exhibition dedicated to Motherland defendants will tell visitors about one-hundred-year history of the Soviet and Russian army and the impact produced by it on life and biography of local residents. The visitors will see documents, photos and artefacts kept by the museum and provided by Satka citizens. Special focus is made on Satka Search Team called Vityaz that celebrates its 5th birthday this year.  


The “Timely Amber” exhibition of the contemporary Siberian artist Mayana Nasybullova will take place in the same room. Amber is a good example of natural memory about the scenes and events of the faraway past. Using the epoxide resin, Mayana creates the objects to chase something that has just happened and will be forgotten quickly. "Who needs yesterday's papers?", once sang the Rolling Stones. Those who are fond of timely amber need them.  


The workshop by Mayana Nasybullova will start at 17:00. She will tell Satka citizens how to keep their memories with the help of resin and silicone.  


The exhibitions will be open till 10 May 2018.