10:00 — 10:30

Darya Gilfanova, Maxim Shpakovsky,

Aventika Company

Concept presentation of the Urban Development and Social Entrepreneurship Center. What, why and when?  


10:30 — 12:00

Grigory Martishin,

expert in business and social project development, Phil.Tech accelerator tracker. 

Workshop: What should we start with? The way from an idea to a ready project.


12:00 — 13:30

Egor Korobeinikov,

founder of UrbanUrban online magazine about urban development.

Round-table discussion and Cooperation School: how to ensure self-organization with a view to achieving common goals? 


13:30 — 14:00 – tea-party with cakes and home-made delicacies


14:00 — 16:30

Mariya Borisenok,

regional coordinator of the Social Technologies Greenhouse

Website creation workshop

To take part in the workshop, please have a notebook with you!


14:00 — 16:30

Ivan Khafizov,

a photographer and founder of the Virtual Carved Window Surround Museum

Master class and photo-walk: a hundred and one way to make money out of your favourite hobby, if you are lucky, and this is the photography.

To take part in the master class, it is desirable to have a photocamera with you.


14:00 — 14:40

Darya Suntsova,

head of Business Success award.

Online lecture: Business success in a small town.


14:40 — 15:20

Valentina Muravey,

head of Entrepreneurship Development Center of Satka District.

Analysis of business ideas by the Entrepreneurship Development Center: how do we know that a project will (not) be successful? 


15:20 — 16:30

Juliya Terekhova,

head of the ‘House with a Lion’ project

Webinar: Managing a culture project in a non-urban area: life hacks about grants, events and crowdfunding.


16:30 — 19:00

Vasily Dubeikovsky,

specialist in urban branding, head of Uryupinsk Studio of the Future and CityBranding Company. 

Workshop: big dreams in a small town – how to turn a dream into the project 

Starting from 19:00 — communicating, networking and sharing impressions.