• Days of Slovak culture start in Satka

From September 11 to 18 days of Slovak culture will be held in Satka. Among honoured guests of this event there are the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in the Russian Federation Peter Priputen, the mayor of the village of Terchova Davidik Josef with his wife, the director of the Slovak Institute in Moscow Jan Shmigula. During the days of their visit Satka will host various events that will introduce everyone to the rich cultural heritage of the republic.

Thus, on September 11, Magic Slovakia exhibition will be officially opened. The exhibition will feature works of the award-winning Slovak photographer Ladislav Strugar. They reflect not only the unique style of the master's work, but also his deep understanding of the beauty of Slovakia. Ladislav Strugar is the author of 15 photographic books. Some of them were awarded with prestigious prizes, such as "Slovak Gold" and "The Most Beautiful Book of Slovakia". His photos can be found in private collections in Europe, America, Asia, as well as at numerous exhibitions around the world.

The exhibition will open 17-00 and continue until October 9.

On the same day, at 18:30, the concert of the Slovak group "Heavy Music" (the village of Terchova, Slovakia) will begin. The group consists of musicians from different bands of the village. The group became famous for the fact that each participant uses different musical instruments traditional for the region, such as a violin, a small two-string contrabass, fujara, bells, pipes, helikon.

The public liked original Terchova folklore. "Heavy Music" has repeatedly performed at cultural events in Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Azerbaijan, France. We add that Terchova music was included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Now Satka residents will be able to get to know it.

From September 12 to 18, as part of days of Slovak culture, a film festival will also be held. It will start at 19:00 in Magnezit Cultural Center. The audience will be able to see seven Slovak films - one for each day of the festival. Each of the films is unique in its own way and covers topics known to all - love, trust, heroism, friendship from unconventional angles. The films will be of interest to both adults and teenagers.

Schedule of the film festival:

September 12, 13:00 - The feature film "The Sun in a Net". Directed by Stefan Uher. Age qualification: 12+.

A lyrical story of emotional maturation and relations of two young people. Their meetings on the roof of a panel house reveal similar ideas about life. But dawning feelings are accompanied by separation, revision of the attitude to reality. This film is the beginning of a new wave in the context of Slovak and Czech cinema of the 1960s.

September 13 - The feature film "I Love, You Love" directed by Dušan Hanák. Age qualification: 15+.

A tragicomic story of an old bachelor railroadman tells about, at first glance, the most ordinary life of a person from provinces. A director shows his spiritual torment and a thirst for mere happiness in its true colours. In 1989 at the International Film Festival in Bratislava, the film received a prestigious award - Silver Bear as the best director.

September 14 – The feature film "A Path Across the Danube". Directed by Miloslav Luther. Age qualification: 15+.

A film about young friends, a Slovak and a Czech, after emergence of the militaristic Slovak Republic and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. A Slovak Victor Lesa regularly delivers the post to the railway station in the border town of Ludendorf (Břeclav). Due to lack of experience and recklessness, he accidentally sends one of the important postal parcels to a wrong address. The Gestapo, who learnt about this, forces Victor and Francik to flee, but the route of friends will be difficult.

September 15 - The feature film "The Boxer and Death". Directed by Peter Solan. Age qualification: 15+.

This is a new look at human degradation during the period of fascism, shown through a tragic story of a man for whom the only chance to save life is to accept the rules of an unequal game. The head of the concentration camp Kraft accidentally learns that the prisoner Kominek has professional boxing skills. The prisoner gradually becomes Kraft's partner in training. After the death of a friend and a cellmate, anger and disobedience lead him to open confrontation.

September 16 - The feature film "Birds, Orphans and Fools". Directed by Juraj Jakubisko. Duration: 78 min. Age qualification: 15+

The parable film tells about uncertain time and space in which three orphans live. Their world is full of violence, cynicism, hopelessness. In general, everything echoes sentiments prevailing in the Czechoslovak society after August 1968. And only games of insanity help to survive in this web of fate.

September 17 - The feature film "Agave". Directed by Ondrej Sulaj. Age qualification: 15+

A romantic story of unhappy love during the ideological thaw between the Second World War and onset of communism. The respected architect Gumpl, with his young wife Nadia come to a small town in the south of Slovakia. Her attention is taken by the young teacher Daniel Oreshansky, who is affected by his involuntary participation in the war. The hot aroma of blooming agave and the charm of Daniel lay a challenge at Nadia’s feet: to continue her slow paced life or to start it anew.

September 18 - The feature film "Nicky's Family". Directed by Matej Minac. Age qualification: NR

The documentary biopic drama Nicky's Family tells about the heroism of the Englishman Nicolas Winton, who transferred 669 children from Prague captured by Hitler's troops to Britain during the Second World War and concealed their origin for half a century.


Organizers and partners of the days of Slovak culture in Satka were the Government of Chelyabinsk region, the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in the Russian Federation, the Slovak Institute in Moscow, the Administration of Satka Municipal District, Sobranie Cultural Initiative Supporting & Preservation Fund, Magnezit Group.