In Magnezit Cultural Center an exhibition of the French artist Lea Barbanzange " Trace of Stone" was opened.


Several works shown at the exhibition were created by the artist with the assistance of Magnezit employees in Satka. Among them, a metaphorical portrait of the city and Karagaisky open pit, which the artist applied to volcanic stone, a rock hardened with fire and therefore fire-proof, like magnesite.


Among exhibited items, you can also see a scroll of Japanese paper on which a trace of a rolling stone is printed. The work was created by frottage technique and was the first to be made by Lea in Satka. There is an installation, which is pieces of dolomite, laid out in a line and connected by a thin line of magnesite. And the most complex work finishes the exposition. Lower layers are magnesite with flecked dolomite, then the volume is filled with air and layers become more transparent. Contours of Karagaisky open pit are lined with mosaic from fused periclase on the glass.


You can see all this with your own eyes. The exhibition will continue until August 11. Free admission