Days of Swiss culture is already a traditional event for Satka residents. A year ago, Pierre Helg, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Swiss Confederation in Russia, opened the Festival of Swiss Culture in Satka. During the month, feature films and documentaries representing contemporary Swiss art were shown to the audience.


Film screenings will resume this time too. Organizers invite visitors to screenings of five Swiss films in Italian: Everybody Sometimes Falls, What Remains, Sinestesia, Bread and Tulips, The River is Always Right. Each of these films is a unique and courageous creative experiment. These works were presented at international film festivals in Switzerland, Austria, Solothurn, London, Stockholm and many others, and were noted by experts in the field of cinema.


In addition, Satka residents may attend photo exhibition "Quickgold". It will be held from July 18 to 22 in Magnezit museum. After that it can be visited at the Center for Cultural Initiatives from July 25 to August 22. The exhibition is a result of the joint work of the Russian photographer Andrey Gordasevich and the Swiss sociologist Niels Krauer. Episodes from the life of artisan miners engaged in gold mining in the jungles of Peru, in the province of Mare de Dios were captured.


The world of artisan miners is shown without embellishment: there is uneasy everyday life of local residents represented behind the brilliance of extracted gold. This is a story of where this precious metal comes from and what work is hidden behind the golden glitter. It also covers the theme of legacy of the Incas, in the life of which the gold played a cult role. But the authors of the project refer us not to historical roots of the Inca civilization, but consider echoes of their culture in the modern life of artisan miners and their surrounding nature.


Organizers of the Days of Swiss Culture were the Swiss Embassy in Russia, the administration of Satkinsky District, Sobranie Fund, and Magnezit Group.

Events dedicated to the Days of Swiss Culture will be held on the following days:

July 18 at 17:00 - Official opening of the Days of Swiss Culture in Satka and opening of Quickgold exhibition. Magnezit Museum.

19:00 - Official opening of the film festival. Feature film Sinestesia. Foyer of Magnezit Cultural Center.

July 19 at 19:00 Documentary film "The River Is Always Right". Foyer of Magnezit Cultural Center.

July 20 at 19:00 Feature film "Everybody Sometimes Falls". Foyer of Magnezit Cultural Center.

July 21 at 19:00 Documentary film "What Remains". Foyer of Magnezit Cultural Center.

July 22 at 19:00 Documentary film "Bread and Tulips". Foyer of Magnezit Cultural Center.