• Satka Residents Have Discussed Future of the Karginsky Park

June 14, the public hearing of development of the Karginsky Park territory took place in Satka, in Magnezit Cultural Center.

The Karginsky Park territory is included in the reconstruction plans of Urban Environment, the project of the United Russia party, and ranked the second place in the public space  voting announced in spring of this year.   

This year, Sobranie Fund has advocated to engage STRELKA KB, Moscow company, into this project.  Its representatives invited town residents to public hearings on the future park project. The meeting was held in the form of project-related workshop. Here, every participant could offer their vision of the future of the Karginsky Park. The town citizens that came to the public hearing were divided in several teams. The participants were offered first to express their opinion in the registered surveys, and then put their wishes on the park map using stickers, pictures and glue, and to present them on behalf of every team.

According to the results of the presentation, most residents of the Satka Region see this park as a natural objet and do not want to overload it with excessive infrastructure. Many would agree to the park having walk areas, bicycle paths and roller skating paths, several summerhouses, lightning and litter bins. Thus, town citizens consider this territory to be a place for family recreation and walks. 

By results of all surveys and mini designs gathered during the meeting, STRELKA KB will develop one master project that would go live in the course of Urban Environment programme. 

See the report with results of the project-related workshop Karginsky Park Report.

The text is from the website of the Local Government of the Satka Region.

Photo by Denis Shakirov.