• Workshop. Dream Project: what to start with, how to launch, what to earn on


Dear colleagues!

June 17, 2017, in the course of the project, Center of Urban Development and Social Business in Satka, you are welcome to attend the workshop Dream Project: what to start with, how to launch, what to earn on.  

All participants will be able not only to learn about 7 ways to make money on what you like, but also to try right away to design your own social business with the team of co-thinkers. 

You’ll hear true stories of how Uryupinsk became the capital of Russian province and glorified local elderly women, how a group of Moscow volunteers came to Tutaev to build the dam in the pond, how best Russian social movies are made, and much more. 

This day, specialists from different corners of Russia will tell what exactly this mysterious word crowdfunding means and how to raise money for your project; how to learn to work and promote your services online; what to do, if you want to learn and there is nowhere to enter.

The workshop takes place in the course of preparing to Project Factory — the first city venue, where experts help citizens turn their dreams into possibilities, possibilities – into tangible solutions, and solutions – into projects that work and bring profit.

Come Saturday, June 17, 11 a.m. to the Youth Loft Center (Industrialnaya street, 16). Postpone what you have to do just for one day to learn how to change your life and hold true to yourself!