• What the Karginsky Park Will Be?

June 14, 5:30 – 8:00, Magnezit Cultural Center (lounge of the large hall). – The project-related workshop of shaping the vision of development of the Karginsky Park territory will take place; the park whose improvement is developed by KB Strelka consulting company (Moscow).

Workshop tasks are:

1) to discuss how the park territory is used now; what its importance for town is;

2) to identify the main tasks of development of the Karginsky Park territory and the issues to be resolved;

3) to determine, what amenities can appear in the part territory;

4) to offer events you want to see or to arrange in the park. 

In the workshop you’ll learn what joint designing is and, together with other participants of the meeting, you will be able to create your own vision of the park territory development.

The meeting will be held in the interactive gaming format: participants will be offered to state their ideas and proposals in small groups, and then to present them to all meeting participants. Proposals of the workshop attendees will be taken into account during further development of the park beautification concept.

Programme of the Meeting:

5:30 — 5:45 — Role of town citizens in development of public spaces, common goals and tasks of the project-related workshop. Nadezhda Snigireva, Project Group 8 (Kazan).

5:45 — 6:00 — Creating the development vision of the Karginsky Park territory, Anton Ivanov, S STRELKA KB (Moscow).

6:00 — 6:15 — Answers to the questions.

6:15 — 6:50 — Open discussion: “Present and Future of the Karginsky Park – Issues, Challenges and Potentials”.

6:50 — 7:30 — Breakout for creating the vision of the park territory development (4 – 6 people per group).

7:30 — 8:20 — Presenting breakout results.

8:20 — 8:30 — Summing up.

We invite locals, city campaigners, school and university students, representatives of local communities, sport and creative associations, providers of city events, coordinators of social, cultural and public projects, representatives of municipal authorities, local businesses and all active citizens, who care about the future of the Karginsky Park.

It is really important to take part in the meeting, as the meeting results will underlie decision-making on further development of the territory.

Meeting participants include, inter alia, representatives of STRELKA KB consulting company that are developers of the park beautification vision. The meeting will be moderated by Proektnaya Gruppa 8 – specialists of participating design.

Follow project news at vk.com/satkapark.