• Roundtable Discussion “Russia’s How-To: Local Art and Spatial Development"


A new cultural policy implies reformatting cultural space of a range of large provincial cities, turning them into centers of modern culture (“cultural capitals”). Modern art museums are established, festivals are held, publishing projects are launched, city space is transformed. In this situation, what is the way for local art not to get lost, but to become a part of the project helping further development of the territory and promotion of the region? How to take into account new methods of territory development, and what scenarios can be brought to life in modern Russia?

What are the issues of domestic tourism development and how to attract attention of city residents to city problems? All of this is discussed by regional economy specialists, urban studies experts, geographers, researchers and real estate market experts. 

Participants of the roundtable discussion:

Vladimir Kagansky (PhD in geography, senior research fellow of the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences); Ilya Grashchenkov (head of the Regional Policy Development Center); Olya Polischuk (CEO of Strelka Institute); Olga Vendina (PhD in geography, leading research fellow of the laboratory of geopolitical studies of the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences);

Natalya Nikiforova (head of the department of the corporate development and strategic communications of Magnezit Group, director of Sobranie Fund); Andrey Sinyavin (head of the Consulting Department of Sawatzky Property Management); Valeriya Kovalenko (founder of ARTTUBE.RU, director of the modern art support fund of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin).

The roundtable moderator is Alisa Prudnikova, head of the regional development directorate of ROSISO State Center of Modern Art: Moscow / Saint Petersburg / Vladikavkaz / Yekaterinburg / Kaliningrad / Nizhny Novgorod / Samara / Saratov / Tomsk.

The roundtable is held as a part of the parallel exhibition programme, Life of the Living. The programme is intended to ensure deeper insight of the exhibition materials,  is designed for professionals and general public, and includes authoring and curatorial excursions, lectures and roundtables. The programme supervisor is Larisa Greenberg, chief specialist of the regional development directorate of ROSISO State Center of Modern Art.

The regional development directorate of ROSISO State Center of Modern Art was established in 2017 and is aimed to maximize the network potential of the organization starting its work with opening the permanent site of the best regional initiatives of the  State Center of Modern Art in Moscow.

The regional directorate maximizes the network resource potential and creates exhibition, publishing and enlightening projects focused on aligning horizontal connections inside the subsidiaries of the State Center of Modern Art, developing communications between the regions, consolidating experience and integrating local modern art in the global context. A project of one of the network subsidiaries that became the most bright event of the cultural life of the region will be opened in the State Center of Modern Art at Zoologicheskaya str., 13 once in two months.

Thursday, May 18, 7:00 p.m.

Address: Zoologicheskaya str., 13/2, Small Hall of the State Center of Modern Art, 3rd floor.

Please contact: secretary@ncca.ru, +7 499 254 06 74