On July 4, 2012, the exhibition “Realism in Russian art of mid-to-late XX century. From private collection, Moscow” will open in the State Russian Museum. The exposition will include about 100 creations of recognized classics of Soviet art, among which are painters Geliy Korzhev, brothers Aleksey and Sergei Tkatchev, Valentin Sidorov, Vladimir Stozharov, Viktor Ivanov, Aleksey Gritsay, Sergei Gerasimov, Peter Ossovskiy, Nikolay Andronov, Natalya Egorshina, Ivan Sorokin, Yuriy Kugach, as well as sculptors Mikhail Pereyaslavets, Ivan Korzhev and Alexander Burganov.

These painters, so different in interpretation of Russian realism, were united by true love for their homeland, for the age in which they happened to live and work, as well as fundamentally different feeling of art as the way to devote themselves to the truth. Chronologically, the exhibition covers the period from mid-1950s to 2000s, which allows the visitors to get a better view of creative work of painters, which are presented in permanent exposition in the Russian Museum, as well as to acquaint them with the works of such artists as Andrey Kurnakov, Alexander Gritsay, Mikhail Kugach, which weren’t formerly included into the Museum’s exhibition projects.

The exhibition was organized with support of Sobranie Fund, Magnezit Group, AO Raiffeisenbank, Ernst & Young, Roullier Group, ANH Refractories Company, E.K.W. GmbH, Knöllinger FLO-TEC Gmb, SMS Siemag AGH.


“Realism in Russian art of mid-to-late XX century”.
From private collection, Moscow».
July 04 – October 08, 2012
The State Russian Museum (Moscow)
Benois Building